Himalayan Bowls Relaxation

Relax, recharge and re-energize.

As the mysterious tones of authentic brass and gold bowls from Nepal and India immerse you in their good vibrations, you’ll hear and feel their echoing waves deep within your body! Perfect for any time you want to melt away that stress.

Sound that soothes the soul.

For thousands of years, music has been used therapeutically to induce a meditative, relaxed state, to free the mind from negative tension, relieve pain, and even to heal. And while just listening to music can have positive effects on us, sound therapy does much more.

The specially-designed sound therapy bed sends vibroacoustic sound waves directly into your body. These gentle waves of low-frequency sound are felt as soothing vibrations and are fine-tuned to melt away stress. It’s similar to how ultrasound breaks up kidney stones, except these sound waves break up physical and mental tension.

Your brain will thank you.

Sound therapy creates a sense of inner harmony and balance. How? By synchronizing the mind and body using sound waves that are both heard and felt. This produces new synaptic connections in the brain and stimulates production of feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. That’s why sound therapy is so good for your brain health.

People often comment that their sleep improves after a session, or lucid dreaming happens. You may feel healthier and more balanced, with increased creativity and imagination in the days and weeks that follow. Compassion and kindness may flow more easily.

Take a holiday from the outside world.

While fully clothed on our heated sound therapy bed, you will enjoy a starry night sky projected above you. Purified ionized air helps you breathe like you’re outside in the mountains.

Through audiophile headphones, you’ll experience the mystical tones from centuries-old authentic Himalayan sound healing bowls. These instruments have been shown to reduce stress and produce feelings of deep relaxation and inner peace (2016 study, University of California San Diego). Our ultra-high definition 24-bit audio has a spaciousness and clarity that rivals any app or CD. But most of all, you’ll feel the vibrations of the bowls coming through the sound therapy bed.

The gentle sound vibrations flowing through your body cause theta-wave brain activity to increase. That’s the brain activity associated with meditation and imagination. So don’t be too surprised if you feel a natural high or are able to imagine vivid mental imagery.

Session features:

  • Vibroacoustic sound healing
    (Tones and harmonics of singling bowls and BioSonics® tuning forks plus 40 Hz sub-audible carrier)
  • Far-infrared thermotherapy
  • Purified air and aromatherapy

30 minutes, $52 + HST

Additional information:
Sound therapy is a non-medical wellness treatment. The sound therapy bed uses electromagnetic transducers to generate sound waves and may interfere with implanted medical devices. People with DVT, psychosis, a recent surgery or bleeding disorder, or are pregnant, should consult a doctor before booking.

Our therapies, including our audio programmes, are nonreligious and are appropriate for people of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.