Personal Discovery Session

It’s brain science. But it feels like magic.

Personal discovery sessions combine the science of vibroacoustic sound therapy with the timeless art of therapeutic storytelling. It’s a completely relaxing way to rewire your brain for greater creativity, positivity, and the power to make lasting changes in how you think and feel.

Power down your body, power up your mind.

While you relax on the sound bed, the gentle hum of low-frequency soundwaves on your spine sends a “relax” signal to your brain’s hypothalamus and amygdala. These parts of the brain function as a gatekeeper to deep emotions and motivation.

As your body relaxes, this gateway is opened and the therapist’s voice will guide you on an imaginary journey to a wonderful secret place where your powerful inner wisdom and resources are just waiting to be discovered. And you will learn to bring back what you need from this place to use in daily life.

You’ll love the sessions - and the results.

It is unlike anything you have ever heard or tried. It does not require any special skills or meditation, yet you will feel the effects of this positive mental exercise for days afterward.

If something seems “stuck” in your life lately, this is for you! Each appointment is 60 minutes total, consisting of a 30-minute personal consultation plus a 30-minute sound healing session inside the yurt. Three sessions (once a week) are recommended to help you feel more motivated, regulate stress better, and get your creative problem-solving brain working in your life.

Image [Girl relaxing with therapeutic guided imagery]

The all natural way to tune up your mind.

This is a highly effective therapy for regular, everyday people, and does not require a doctor’s referral. It boosts brain health and reduces daily stress by using therapeutic non-hypnotic guided imagery, autogenic relaxation, far-infrared thermal therapy, low-frequency sound therapy, ionic purified air, and aroma (air-diffused Japanese hinoki cypress oil). If you are under care of a doctor or psychologist, ask your health professional if these therapies are appropriate for you.

Session features:

30 minute treatment +
30 minute consultation

  • Spoken word (guided imagery)
  • Vibroacoustic sound healing
  • Far-infrared thermotherapy
  • Purified air and aromatherapy
  • One-on-one consultation

60 minutes, $120 + HST

Additional information:
Sound therapy is a non-medical wellness treatment. The sound therapy bed uses electromagnetic transducers to generate sound waves and may interfere with implanted medical devices. People with DVT, psychosis, a recent surgery or bleeding disorder, or are pregnant, should consult a doctor before booking.

Our therapies, including our audio programmes, are nonreligious and are appropriate for people of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.