Practitioner Bio

Colin D. Stone


Colin D. Stone MASC, BSYA

Colin D. Stone is a clinical relaxation therapist certified in relaxation therapy, sound healing, and therapeutic guided imagery. He has taught science-based relaxation techniques to thousands of people.

Colin's Memberships, Awards and Certifications

  • ABC Awards (UK), Level 3 Professional Relaxation Therapist
  • BSY Association, Alumnus, Member
  • Associated Stress Consultants (UK), Member
  • American Holistic Health Association, Practitioner Member
  • Lifesaving Society of Nova Scotia, Member, First-Aid/CPR Certified
  • Public Health Agency of Canada, Certificate in Public Health
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada, MHFA Certified

Colin's Recent Continuing Education, Professional Development and Seminars


  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Achology Academy of Modern Applied Psychology


  • Diploma in Sound Therapy, Acupressure Research and Training Institute, Jodhpur, India
  • Certificate in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Barry Winbolt
  • Music as Medicine, Harvard Medical School (Lisa Wong, MD)
  • Emotional Healing, Dr Azeem Dana


  • Stick with It: The Science of Lasting Behavior Change, UCLA (Sean Young, PhD)
  • Insomnia, Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy (Matt T Bianchi, MD PhD)
  • Turning Fear into Power: Understanding and managing anxiety, Harvard Medical School (Longwood Seminar)
  • The Neuroscience of Reframing, BrainSmart (Anette Prehn)
  • Global Stress Summit 2017, American Institute of Stress (Heidi Hanna, PhD)


  • The Hidden Causes of Anger, Human Givens College (RenĂ©e Van Der Vloodt)
  • Stress and Mental Health: Why prolonged stress can lead to mental illness, Human Givens College (Ivan Tyrrell)
  • Neuroscience of Behavior Change, UCLA (Robert M. Bilder, PhD)
  • Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, HMI College (Cheryl O'Neil)


  • Guided Imagery, Human Givens College (Ivan Tyrrell and Joe Griffin)
  • Limbic System Biology, Stanford University (Robert Sapolsky)
  • The Effects of Cannabis on Mental Health, Human Givens College (Ezra Hewing)