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The ultimate relaxation experience.

Science-based therapies for mind and body well-being, inside an authentic Mongolian yurt right in the heart of Halifax.

Mongolian yurt in Halifax
An authentic traditional setting.

Yurts are the traditional tiny homes of the nomadic peoples of central Asia. We transported a real Mongolian handmade yurt to Nova Scotia, where it was reassembled inside the Halifax Professional Centre. It's the perfect space for you to experience our unique therapy.

The healing power of sound.

Inside the yurt, our custom-built sound therapy bed melts away tension in minutes as gentle sound waves soothe your whole body. Sound healing is a safe and healthy way to feel relaxed, improve sleep, and boost brain function and creativity. It's natural and feels great!

The key to a healthy mind and body.

Most people experience some amount of daily stress. Over time, that can drain your energy and weaken your immune system. Our therapies combine traditional healing arts with modern neuroscience to help you be your best. And the positive post-yurt vibes can last for days.

It's new. But it's actually really, really old.

We've combined the 2,500 year old healing arts of China and Tibet with the modern science of sound-frequency therapy. It's called Meridian Sound Healing. It's a relaxing way to soothe stress, boost immune function, and feel more energetic and balanced in daily life. And it uses safe sound waves instead of needles or suction cups.

Our therapies, including our audio programmes, are nonreligious and are appropriate for people of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Backed by science.

“Tension, fatigue, pain, headache, depression, and nausea were reduced in those using the vibroacoustic therapy.”

“Vibroacoustic music therapy engages the mind and may change internal vibratory mechanisms such as blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate, with benefits to patients' physical and emotional state”

“...Demonstrated ability to decrease pain, reduce anxiety, reduce the symptoms of illness, and generally promotes health”

A smart gift idea.

Give them something they really want. Gift cards for The Healing Yurt are now available! They never expire and are good for any of our half-hour sessions. You can even order gift cards over the phone for delivery. Learn more

Good vibes all around.

A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy community. That's our motto. We believe our unique combination of healing arts and sciences is the key to living more fully, unlocking your real potential, building inner strength, and making your goals become reality. Welcome to The Healing Yurt!

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This treatment is delivered without person-to-person contact. Approved reopening protocols are in place in our clinic to keep you safe and healthy. Learn more