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The ultimate relaxation experience.

Science-based therapies for mind and body well-being, inside an authentic Mongolian yurt right in the heart of Halifax.

Mongolian yurt in Halifax
An authentic traditional setting.

Yurts are the traditional tiny homes of the nomadic peoples of central Asia. We transported a real Mongolian handmade yurt to Nova Scotia, where it was reassembled inside the Halifax Professional Centre. It's the perfect space for you to experience our unique therapy.

The healing power of sound.

Inside the yurt, our custom-built sound therapy bed melts away tension in minutes as gentle sound waves soothe your whole body. Sound healing is a safe and healthy way to feel relaxed, improve sleep, and boost brain function and creativity. It's natural and feels great!

The key to a healthy mind and body.

Most people experience some amount of daily stress. Over time, that can drain your energy and weaken your immune system. Our therapies combine traditional healing arts with modern neuroscience to help you be your best. And the positive post-yurt vibes can last for days.

What happens in The Healing Yurt?

While you relax comfortably on the sound therapy bed, natural therapies work behind the scenes to make your mind and body feel relaxed and recharged:

Vibroacoustic Sound

Waves of sound from the sound therapy bed are felt as gentle vibrations in the body. This calms the central nervous system and stimulates the production of feel-good neurochemicals (dopamine and endorphins) in the brain. It may also reduce symptoms of illness and disease, according to a US National Institutes of Health study.

Far-Infrared Heat

A layer of warmed natural jade and clay stones in the sound therapy bed increases blood circulation to the extremities. This relaxes and soothes tense muscles, and gives the sensation of floating in space. Medical studies indicate the far-infrared heat may also increase antioxidants in the blood, improving immune function.

Curated Aroma

The calming aroma inside our yurt cannot be found anywhere else. The subtle aroma in the air comes from the wood of Japanese hiba and hinoki cypress. Studies have shown that the oils of these woods contain a substance that promotes relaxation, purifies the air, and may help boost the immune system.

Relaxation Audio

Tune into relaxation with high-definition 24-bit audio played through Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Choose from our own exclusive scientifically designed audio programmes, including relaxation training, healing music, and meditative guided imagery journeys to restore your sense of inner peace.

Choose your experience.

While the sound therapy bed soothes your body, noise-cancelling headphones deliver your choice of scientifically designed audio programmes.

For everyone

Himalayan bowls and chimes

The mysterious tones of authentic brass and gold bowls from Nepal and India immerse you in their good vibrations. You’ll hear and feel their echoing waves deep within your body! Perfect for your first session or any time you need to melt that stress.

30 minutes, $52 + HST

Music for deep inner peace

Written by sound therapist Chris Deuel, this music “induces healing and tranquility through the use of pure sounds and love-inspired melodies”. It can unlock, reveal, and inspire. Let this session transport you to a state of deep inner peace!

30 minutes, $52 + HST

Advanced experiences

Already have some experience with sound healing or meditative relaxation? Take your practice to the next level! Here’s what we have available in June and July at The Healing Yurt:

Progressive muscle relaxation with music

For the first ten minutes you’ll be guided to release tension in your muscles. Because muscle tension is related to stress, this exercise helps your whole body to feel a sense of relief. Next, twenty minutes of relaxing music will let you drift into a peaceful near-sleep state or a short nap.

30 minutes $52 + HST

Relaxation response training with music

For the first ten minutes, you’ll learn to take control of your body’s built-in stress-fighting biochemistry (the “relaxation response”) to control stress, reduce pain, and sleep better. Next, twenty minutes of relaxing music will let you drift into a peaceful near-sleep state or a short nap.

30 minutes $52 + HST

Guided imagery – “A Place of your Own”

Embark on a powerful journey within, as you are guided into deep relaxation and exploration. You’ll learn to uncover the secret place in your mind where positivity and motivation abound. A place that’s just waiting to be discovered and explored. Are you in?

30 minutes $52 + HST

Our therapies, including our audio programmes, are nonreligious and are appropriate for people of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Frequently asked questions

Plan to arrive five to ten minutes before your session start time. That will give you a few extra minutes to settle in and enjoy a relaxing hill-grown tea if you like.

Sessions are personal and the yurt is set up for just you alone. During your session, your companion(s) can wait comfortably in the lounge area outside the yurt and are welcome to enjoy a tea and free wi-fi.

There is no need to change clothes, and you can wear whatever is comfortable. Shoes are not worn inside the yurt.

Your body will get all the benefits of the therapies even if you fall asleep during the session, so don't worry. At the end of your session, lights will gently come on to bring you back awake.

Our relaxation therapies are so effective that most people feel immediate results the very first time. Research suggests six to twelve sessions bring additional long-term results, and we provide discounts for multiple sessions to make sound healing a part of your health routine.

Regular, everyday people benefit from our relaxation therapies to improve their health, to be happier and more efficient, and to take a break from the hectic pace of life. Our services are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment; if you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult a qualified health care provider.

If you have any serious health condition, if you're pregnant or have a pacemaker, implantable insulin pump or internal defibrillator, or if you're mobility impaired, please contact us. We'll make sure you have the best relaxation experience with a few modifications.

Underground parking is available in the building, and there is ample metered street parking nearby.

Backed by science.

“The low vibrations increase cellular movement, thus increasing energy and cellular regeneration in the body”

“Inflammation and pain are reduced because of this treatment”

“Patients are prone to have an increase in relaxation and decrease in...depression, anxiety, and nausea”

A smart gift idea.

Give them something they really want. Gift cards for The Healing Yurt are now available! They never expire and are good for any of our half-hour sessions. You can even order gift cards over the phone for delivery. Learn more

Good vibes all around.

A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy community. That's our motto. We believe our unique combination of healing arts and sciences is the key to living more fully, unlocking your real potential, building inner strength, and making your goals become reality. Welcome to The Healing Yurt!