Science-based relaxation therapies

Our therapies are effective because they are based on brain research. No hocus pocus or new-age philosophy, just real change to rewire your brain to to become more relaxed.

Our mind programmes are beautifully different from anything else you’ve seen. They feature beautiful music and are produced in our Mongolian yurt studio, a genuine healing space.

Free at-home relaxation training course

From Colin, founder of The Healing Yurt:
As we emerge from two years of pandemic fatigue, many people are coping with economic uncertainty. So, for the next little while, I’m giving away our stress-busting Progressive Muscle Relaxation personal training programme for free. I’m sure it can help you feel more relaxed during this challenging post-pandemic transition.
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Our Halifax clinic is open again!

Schedule a session on our vibroacoustic sound healing bed. It's the ultimate relaxation experience! Learn more about our clinic and what we offer.

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